Monday, 6 January 2014

Holtby to Villa?

Lots of talk on Saturday that there will be more outgoings than incomings this January. 

It's hard not to agree with that way of thinking. Anyone who expects a royal spend up this window is destined to be very disappointed!! 

One little bit of ITK however, that seems to tick the 'believable' box, is in reference to Lewis Holtby...

The German international has become something of a fans favourite in his 12 months at the Lane - more so for his willingness and passion, rather than any outstanding performances.

In fairness to the boy, his opportunities have been limited. Villas-Boas didn't seem to have a clue where to play him and I'm not convinced he fits Tim Sherwood's 442.

Holtby is a team player. He says all the right things and it's impossible not to like his attitude. It's with a heavy heart then, that I've come to the conclusion, he's just not good enough. Certainly not right now, for a Spurs midfield over flowing with 'that type' of player.

Aston Villa are believed to be keen to take him this month, and should there be any truth in the rumour, it's difficult to see Spurs standing in his way. 

Sherwood's wish to recall Tom Carroll from QPR makes a deal for the German even more likely. 

The ITK was in reference to a loan deal, but I wouldn't be surprised if it was something more permanent. 

Villa look to be crying out for an attacking midfielder in the Holtby mould... 

We will see. 



  1. Villa fan here - I would love to see Holtby at Villa, he's just the kind of player we have been crying out for, for the past two seasons!

    I thought we might get him in the summer when you splashed out on all the attacking midfielders in Europe, but hopefully we might get him now!

    I'm relying on this ITK chap!

  2. he has come on leaps and bounds and I a good player now
    but we need a general and he is not this
    I would take him though,,,,

  3. VIlla Fan here also, and would die to have him off your hands, especially in a permanent deal!

  4. We get Benteke and you get Holtby + 15mill £.

    1. I'm a Spurs fan.......Holtby + £15 Million for benteke? you having a laugh. The way Benteke playing at the moment you be lucky to get £2-£3 Millions for him, it's funny you didn't want tolet him go in the summer and now that he can't buy a goal on ebay with the highest bid you want to get rid of him for £15 make me laugh :)

    2. I think if you read that he is also a Spurs fan!??

    3. Benteke has been unlucky with injuries and first time round was rushed back far too quick while he was still carrying a knock. He'll be back to form soon banging in the goals, while Loldado will continue to score a few penalties (unless you're playing Villa!)

    4. Not even smart enough to realize you're digging on a fan of your own club. Besides Holtby+15 mil should seem like a steal considering you bought a guy whose scored you 3 pks for 30 mil. With the type of service he'd get from Spurs Benteke would score more than that in one game.

    5. Holtender79

      Benteke is a joke and after saturdays performance or lack of i would drop him and sell him to the highest bidder this window. On current form would be lucky to get £10 million.

  5. I agree, but I think Holtby and £15m for Benteke if it's a loan deal for Lewis or Holtby and £12m if it a permanent deal. Tinged with sadness tho, as you've got to love Lewis just as we loved Freund as a player but never quite achieved.

  6. holtby + 25m maybe but 15m lol

  7. Villa fan here. I like Holtby. Good, solid player. I like him at Villa.

    Benteke the other way for Holtby + £15 mill .. LOL .. That's not going to happen. The big beast has struggled with injuries and there's 3.5 year left on the contract and a WC coming up.

    Villa is in no rush to sell and why on earth would the club sell Benteke for £2-3 mill? Seriously that's a stupid comment.